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Reading is surprisingly time consuming

Sorry, anime, but I had to put you off for a couple of hours. Fannishness of a higher priority called.

Namely, reading Nation, Terry Pratchett's most recent book.

I'll admit that when I initially heard the next book from Pterry wasn't going to be a Discworld one, I was a bit disappointed. Mainly because, though all his books are good, with the exception of Good Omens, I've never liked the non-Discworld ones quite as much.

Boy, do I feel stupid now. Because holy fuck, did Pratchett demonstrate exactly why he's my favourite author.

Srsly. That was brilliant.

It's still not my favourite Pratchett book - Night Watch is always going to be hard to beat on that score, but it has the advantage of having books and years to build attachment to the characters. Nation didn't, and for a book that is apparently considered Young Adult - well, lets just say I am a little jealous of kids that get to grow up to this sort of reading matter.

I'm not going to spoil anything, 'cos I highly recommend reading it for yourself, but I will say it's mostly set on a tiny tsunami-devasted tribal island in the pseudo-Pacific, in a pseudo-Victorian era of the world. And it has characters making tough but smart decisions, rather wonderful leads (both male and female), and bags and bags of awesome.

Reviewishness done, is there anywhere suitable online to discuss it? Meta-posts, that sort of thing (I'd ask for fic, but I think this is going to be one of those stories badfic would actually pain me to read. Goodfic in the Nation-verse would be awesome, though. Especially exploring the greater world, post book-Events)
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