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I feel really ~weird~

And I've discovered what is probably a really bad combination: Apparently, mixing not enough sleep, early mornings, extremely sugary breakfasts, randomly cheery moods and caffeine leaves me with a ridiculously short attention span.

As in, five minute attention span. I couldn't stay focused long enough to read a freaking comic book.

Aren't I lucky the crazy-bouncy-hyper didn't kick in until after the Quant Methods Exam.

Oh yeah, break is over, and in what is possibly the worst way to get back to Uni ever, I had an in-class exam. At 9am. Sheesh.

To be honest, I didn't find it all that difficult, though given it's worth 40 percent of the subject marks, I'm hoping "not that difficult" is translating as "I know the material" rather than "should have written longer answers". Stupid short answers.

Also, I sat on a table for an hour today.

Oh, and I still need a child to interview. Help flist. Please?

I have a bit over two weeks, but would prefer some assistance ASAP.

...I probably should head off to bed early, before the hyper wears off and I collapse.

You would not believe how many typos were in the first version of this post.
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