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Your daily dose of absurdity. So, there were ticket inspectors when I was getting off my tram today. And though I had a ticket, it wasn't as yet validated. I think you can guess where this is going.

Anyhow, when they took my name and address, slight problem: I didn't have anything in my bad that proved my address - only address was the farm (You know, my parents place). So, the ticket inspector dude proceeded to ring my Mum at the tram stop, in order to check the address I had given him was accurate.

Yeah, that was strange. Amusing, though, for all it's WTFery.

Anyhow, onto the actual meat of this post. Which, coincidental timing aside, was not actually inspired by this Fandom_Discuss post. I just tl;dred in the comments there.

It has probably been obvious to the denizens of my flist - it's certainly been obvious to me by the amounts of comments to my posts - that I have been making rather less posts in recent months regarding Doctor Who (and assorted spin-offs).

And I've sort of come to the conclusion that it seems my fannish focus on Doctor Who has been waning.

I don't know where and when it started exactly, but it sort of started to fade about the middle of S4, and has never really recovered. Which isn't so much a criticism of S4 itself (though I have some epic issues with parts of that, heavily focused towards how it ended), but more the fact that Doctor Who fandom... it's no longer my Happy Place.

The way the fandom itself has been is probably the main cause of this, really. Not so much individual people, but the overall tone of things. And worse, I think, is the fact that we're all just having the same debates, over and over again. To be quite honest, I was already sick of talking about Rose at the start of S3 (and the rest of S3 didn't help). So people still going on about this stuff over a year later...

Ship wars, anger at RTD's treatment of Martha, whatever. Once upon a time these things were interesting, whether it was anger or thought provoking or amusingly wanky. But it's all gotten sort of stale now, and I haven't really the motivation to come up with something new.

It's not that I'm blah on all Who - I still occasionally find something interesting or amusing or whatever. But LJ is repetitive and quiet on the Whovian front (or at least the parts I care about), and the DWF seems incapable of having a thread I find interesting without ending up in tedious wank/sniping/ridiculous speculation/Martha or Freema bashing (I'm looking at you, Team Rocket).

I suppose I'm timing this well, given that with only the specials coming up for another year and a half, I have the strong vibe that I'm not going to miss much new. It'll just continue to be blah blah Is X returning blah blah OTP blah blah My companion was done wrong blah blah Moffat is going to be God/Satan.

It's not just that I have gotten kind of fed up with the fandom. It's not just the lack of involvement from the characters I am most invested in (And Martha and Mickey showing up in Torchwood would have done so much to restore my excitement). It's not just I don't really care for how S4 ended, and the spoilers so far haven't enraptured me.

I'm just not as enthused about things, either good or bad, as I once was.

Or to sum up all this tl;dr: Sorry Doctor Who fandom, I'm breaking up with you.

This isn't an "I'm leaving fandom" post. I'm still going to mod at lifeonmartha - though that requires rather less effort these days - and I still read spoilers and follow the news and check out fics and fun stuff recommended to me.

And I'm not telling my list to go or anything - I still do read a lot of your posts on Doctor Who stuff. It's more I'm lurking again than getting involved. This is just to inform you go guys that my posts will no longer be all Doctor Who, all the time. Or even much of the time.

It's no longer Me/Doctor Who OTP. It's back to just friends.

And my new fannish lovelife is complicated enough. I've just started my affair with Comics, and I'm already cheating on him with Anime.

...And now, just to be contrary to the entire point of this post, I wish to drop in a link to a nifty bit of Doctor Who meta, namely about Martha and her character arc. Because it always makes me grumpy when people say Martha had no character development.

...Why doesn't a Martha fanvid to I Will Survive exist already?
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