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There may be a correlation between absurdity and tiredness. I can be arsed investigating

You can tell a true friend by the fact that when you have a break-up - even if it's just with a fandom - they will be there to offer chocolate and movie marathons. Even in person. At your bedroom door. At 2:30 in the morning.

...Yeah, it's a strange strange life I live in.

Speaking of which, I find it vaguely ironic that the post in which I mention I get less comments for non-Doctor Who posts happens to get more comments that the rest of my posts for the last month combined.

That's fandom for you, I suppose.

And as if this post wasn't absurd enough, I bring you an amusing YouTube video from the tinyteddyqueen files, featuring the Count of Sesame Street fame.

And in conclusion, I need to get some sleep. My attempts last night ended up with an Epic Failure on that account.
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