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Life! It's a thing what happens.

And so does my computer it seems. (Speaking of: The place I left my laptop with to find out what the hell is actually wrong with it still hasn't gotten back to me. They said they'd call Monday.)

Also: I have concluded I require a mousepad.

Incidentally, flist, you weren't very helpful at all when it came to naming the thing. It still remains nameless, though I am vaguely considering Gwen right now (fa11ing_away mentioned something about the missing panel looking like a gap in it's teeth. I made the Torchwood connection. Feel free to come up with better ideas).

I have, however, found something resembling a desktop - this one btw, since it is pretty and shiny and I read another of the Haruhi Suzumiya books on the weekend. I suspect it's only a temporary desktop, anyhow.

And the rest of this post is just me listing all my end of semester type stuff, just so I've got it all together somewhere.

Cognitive and Neuro Development: 5th November.
- 1000 word report on interview task
Quantitative Social Research: 10th November.
- 2800 word research proposal (on usage of various news sources compared by age)
Short Fiction: 10th November.
- 3000 words of fiction piece + notes on writing piece.
- 1000 word analysis of short stories

Personality and Social Psych 3: 20th November, 2:15pm (2hours)
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