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This Update is Sponsored by The Dark Side (tm)

Okay. As some of you who know me well may be aware, I am a huge Star Wars fan. Not quite to the extent to some of those I've met, but the Origianl Trilogy is without doubt my favourite lot of movies (and I will not get into a "which is the best one" debate right now). And you have probably noticed I have been rather...excited about the forthcoming Episode Three release.

Well, excited no longer applies, because I HAVE TICKETS FOR THE MIDNIGHT PREMIERE!!!!!

I will actually at a big huge midnight movie opening thing! And, even better, it's a Star Wars movie opening thing.I am beyond words!

After discussion with lena_supercat, and neo_leviathan, I managed to book 8 tickets for the Midnight opening at Hoyts in the City. So all Second Floorians take note: That leaves another 5 tickets without owners. Anyone willing to pay me the $12.50 before Thursday can have one. You'll just have to come find me in the crowd on that evening.

But I will be there. And I will quite possibly die of excitement.

More arrangements will be made whenever I show up on Second Floor and find people.

In honour of this grand event, today's post has been sponsered by the Dark Side, and thus is filled with all things either evil or Star Wars related. Or both.

Firstly: The reaseon I have posted for a while is because of the pure, unadultered evil that is StarNet. The damnable bloody system got a freaking VIRUS, and because of it my entire college was cut off from the internet for the last few days. Which was an utter torment, I assure you. Talk about Dark Side...

Also, a note to my Literature Tutor: it is really hard for us to learn anything if you don't actually turn up to the classes you are supposed to be teaching

My current fave on the links list has been updated to Darth Vader's Blog. It happens to be both highly amusing, and at times oddly touching, and I thought it seemed the perfect thing to add.

Random Psych Quotes (Thursday):
Dr. Visser - "How ironic was that?"
Random Woman - "Very."
Dr. Visser - "Thank you."
Which was made all the more amusing by the fact he started saying the words to Isn't it Ironic. Not singing - saying them. In a very deadpan voice.

"The burning question all of you have on your mind right now is who's going to be eliminated on The Amazing Race tonight."

And to continue todays theme, all the diagrams accompanying the information contained pictures of Star Wars characters. There was Yoda, "It's a Teeny Tiny Yoda!"; Obi-Wan, "I just like saying Mini Obi-Wan Kenobi"; Vader, "This time we've gone to the Dark Side,"; and finally, "We have another famous Jedi," which was a picture of himself.

I love my Psych lecturer.

The best thing in a lecture ever: For no reason whatsoever, I picture of George W Bush showed up on the screen halfway through the lecture. The caption - "Comic Relief"

Random Quotes from FAS/FOUL/CHAS today:
"Are you volunteering to be impregnated"

"We'll trade semen for a treasurer!"

"Darren, I'm calling you from the FAS AGM because you've been nominated for treasurer."
Yes, they desperately wanted a treasurer. They evn tried to get me to do it, which shows the depths of their desperation.

Random Question:
In two weeks time (May 28th) I will be having my 19th birthday. I would like to do something fun for it, with lots of people, especially because my 18th was a bit pathetic. However, I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions?

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