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And naturally they went and changed the names of all the classes

Is it wrong that of all the stupid, aggravating things associated with the Melbourne Model, the one that is currently pissing me off the most is the fact that I can no longer work out how many points towards my majors I have earnt so far? ARGH!

I am having a great deal of difficulty trying to re-enrol for next year when I can't even work out what requirements I've fulfilled and what I haven't. Ack. And naturally it's only the Arts subjects I can't work out, since Science manages to continue making perfect sense (and I'm only one class away from completing my Psych major, huzzah!)

At this rate I'll probably just pick crazy random things just so I can be re-enrolled, and then proceed to pester the Arts faculty next year until they explain things in a way that actually makes sense.


Okay, that's enough Serious Business for one post. Here, have some lulz:


That makes me smile every time I watch it.
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