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From now on, I shall be known as LAZY GIRL!

...And my one and only exam for this semester was today. Personality and Social Psych 3, to be precise.

It wasn't too bad, actually. Got all the questions done in the time limit, there were only about half a dozen multi-choice questions I was entirely clueless on (the rest I either knew or could make an educated guess), and both the short essays were answerable. Though my overall conclusions on judging how I went seemed to be I'm good at the overall theories, but tend to suck at working out which precise theory proved which precise facts. I know the results, just not who said what about them.

Eh, anyhow it was fine. Rewarded myself afterwards with coffee and cake at Brunetti's - OM NOM NOM PEAR CHEESECAKE - and then bought the first half of Death Note at Animasia. Eh, it was cheap and I own all the manga now.

And that was my exciting and wonderful today. Tomorrow apparently consists of going and being grumpy at the Arts Faculty. (Semester 1 next year is fine. It's semester 2 everything is borked up with).

And then I should be seeing Mum on Sunday. Beyond that, my life seems to consist of assorted end of year parties, getting ready for Christmas, getting ready for Egypt (Huzzah!) and catching up on the kajillion things I've been meaning to watch/read/whatever.

In conclusion: Have a Blue Beetle icon!
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