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Why do I not have an icon about fanfic?

Okay, so the being grumpy at the Arts Faculty I mentioned yesterday didn't actually happen. Partially because since there has been an actual person looking at my subject selections, they have actually realised that of course I don't have the first year pre-reqs for that Sociology subject, they didn't exist when I was in first year.

Stupid Melbourne Model.

Anyhow, they went from refusing me the subject I wanted one day, to allowing it the next, to randomly giving me another subject as well today. So I still need to go talk to people, just not desperately.

Anyhow, that didn't happen today.

Instead, I was interviewed about fanfiction for a radio show.

Which, yeah, was something different. I'm still trying to find out details on the show, if there's an online recording or anything to share.

Anyhow, I was chosen for this because a friend of a friend of tinyteddyqueen (who is a friend of mine) needed someone for it. Which makes, what, three degrees of separation?

From what I was told, I think the actually show was discussing the copyright implications of fanfic (Not sure why this was coming up, mind). And they wanted someone who was actually involved, as opposed to just, you know, lawyers and companies and people who debate the legitimacy of it all.

Hopefully, I shall be able to listen in to the main arguments that they were getting at. Not to mention how I sound on radio.

Well, that makes today's fifteen minutes of fame for me.
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