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My room actually has a visible floor right now

Really, I'd say I have been too busy to post anything, except it's been sort of the opposite lately. I haven't had enough going on to make posting worth my while.

Except now I do! Huzzah, hooray etcetera and so forth.

So, Things What I Have Done Since My Last Post:

Wednesday: Went and had a blood test. Again, not actually sick, just preparing for Egypt trip. In this particular case, checking levels of antibodies, since one lot of immunisations I got was kinda borked up.

Also, while up there I got a bunch of awesome ties from the Salvos round the corner. Now I need to work out what to wear them with.

Thursday: Got my hair cut. Finally. Hair is now at a reasonable length, and by reasonable, I mean chin-length again. No photos as yet, because I can't be arsed trying to take a decent one. If you want to see it, you'll have to meet me in person.

Then I had my weekly jaunt to the comics store, and then bought books. And then went home and laughed my arse of at everyone frothing over Batman RIP. (Frothers should have read Blue Beetle instead, since it was hilarious and awesome).

Friday: ...I can't actually remember what I did on Friday.

Saturday: Cleaned my room, voted in the council election, and then was fa11ing_away's party!

There were games like the Bean Game, and Humans! (which is like Zombies! only you play as a zombie), and also ickle tiny cupcakes, and pancakes for dinner.

Also, alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. I think you can guess how my evening ended (ie. early.)

Today involved yet more bumming around. Plus me trying to work out WTF was going on with my computer. Namely, getting rid of a lurking virus.

And just to continue my recent trend of ending with a photo, here, have a photo of all the books/DVDs/manga/comics that has been lying around my room for recent months and not yet shelved:

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