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It's new Harry Potter! Well, sort of.

And my shiny new thing for the day is: Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Which admittedly was not a very long read, but it looks pretty and is for charity. And it's a new Potter thing, which automatically fills me with glee.

(On that note, as mentioned I went for the cheap "standard" version. I'd love to hear from someone with the special addition, if just to hear if there are any differences aside from the gorgeous binding)

But yes, a quick read, if amusing. Well, the fairytales themselves were very... fairytale-like, so good on JKR for that. The notes from Dumbledore were amusing and interesting, and I would honestly love to read more of that sort of thing. Please do that Encyclopedia, Jo, please, please!

So, things I liked about Dumbledore's notes:
- The random Wizarding World Trivia, which I shall never, ever tire of.
- Random and gratuitously Pratchettian footnotes. Because everything's better with footnotes. (Pratchett overtones aided by mention of Beatrix Bloxam's uncle Nobby)
- Dumbledore's voice in writing. In which he reveals himself to be a bit of a smart-arse, and also somewhat of an egotist. Which we knew already, really, but it never ceases to amuse me.
- All the interesting subtext in the Three Brothers notes. The notes were supposedly "written" by Dumbledore 18 months before he died, which puts them about 6 months before his incident with the ring and Resurrection Stone (so, middle of OotP).
- This particular couple of lines, that make me grin crazily:

Though some six centuries has elapsed since Beedle wrote this tale, and while we have devised innumerable ways of maintaining the illusion of our loved ones' continuing presence, wizards still have not found a way of reuniting body and soul once death has occurred. As the eminent wizarding philosopher Bertrand de Pensées-Profondes writes in his celebrated work A Study into the Possibility of Natural Death, with Particular Regard to the Reintegration of Essence and Matter: 'Give it up. It's never going to happen.'

...And in a typically me-like fannish note, I am now wondering how long until people start throwing references to stuff in it into their fic. I know, I know...

Other stuff what I did today included shopping, and having an excessively long conversation with a bloke named David at the comic store. Isn't my life thrilling?
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