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Is it a gratuitous icon post when it's a post *about* icons?

Huzzah, I have finished my Christmas shopping.

Well, almost. I still haven't gotten anything for Matt The Housemate. I mean, he's an Engineering student of some description, so the default would be alcohol, but that's not real original. And I need a bag or wrapping paper for fa11ing_away's prezzie.

But family presents are all done. Which will be useful for when I, you know, actually head to the farm.

Incidentally, I'll be leaving on either Monday or Tuesday, and returning as of next weekend. And I'll be Internet-less the entire time, so if you're wondering why I'm MIA, that's the deal.

Anyhow, onto the main point to this post:

Since the LJ bosses kindly decided to up the number of icons allowed, I've been sorta kinda adding lots of new icons. And thus am now looking for an excuse to show lots of them of.

Anyway, after I grabbed a bunch of new ones it suddenly struck me that I had a bunch of old icons saved to my hard-drive from years ago - and that some of them were actually quite decent, so I added a few. However, since these were my old icons, they were back from before I recorded who made them, which means I now have a bunch of nifty icons I am using without credit.

Since I like these icons, I actually want to credit the makers. So I'm posting all my unknowns below, and if you made any of the following icons, or know who did, drop me a line and I'll add a "made by" credit to them.

Jedi Mind Icon
I am with you
Weasley OTPs
Boy Wonder
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