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Why must all the best online stores be overseas?

*looks at last post*

Huh. You lot weren't a real lot of help at all. I guess the anonymous icons will have to remain anonymous.

Anyhow, onto other matters: I has come to my attention that Threadless, home of nifty T-shirt designs has a sale on.

There's a couple of T-shirts I am interested in getting, but since it's a US company, postage to here in Australia is kind-of pricey for just a T-shirt.

So I had a chat with fa11ing_away and decided I might as well run a group order.

So, if you are one of my Melbourne friends and want a Threadless t-shirt, let me know.

Drop a comment with the link to the pattern(s) you want, and the size you want it in. Only do this if you definitely want something - let me know if you are still deciding. If you want to know how the prices work out in US Dollars, I found this site helpful.

I want to take advantage of the sale, so details of the shirts you want need to be ASAP (as in the order will go in Monday, Australian time).

Also, all prices are in US Dollars, and you will need to pay me back.

But yeah, it looks like fa11ing_away and me will both be getting stuff, so you won't be charged for postage, just what you order. And there are a lot of fabulous patterns.

So let me know, guys!

ETA: The Threadless Size Chart may come in handy.
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