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Well then.

As of tomorrow I am heading back to the farm for Christmas (Yes, my family does actually live on a farm. There were sheep and everything) and I won't be back until some time or another on the weekend.

Anyhow, being as it's all farm-like - and also, you know, Christmas - I'll be out of contact with all you guys for a bit. Unless you text me. (Mobile calls won't go through, either, the reception sucks)

And I'll be busy with that strange and wondrous thing that is a family Christmas. Complete with dodgily decorated actual pine trees, strange and unexpected presents, and cheap paper hats in crackers. Though being Australia, it's probably going to end up as ridiculously hot as today was.

So, Merry Christmas to everyone. Or Happy Holidays if that's what you prefer.

Feel free to let me know if anything exciting happens while I am away.
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