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Stuff What Happened During Christmas

I take it from the absence of commentary on the previous post that nothing much of interest happened online while I was away. Too busy with Christmasness and all, I suppose. Which is only fair - I had a bit of that going on myself.

But yeah, ended up down at the Farm (the literal farm) with the Parentals and the Sister - and on a less traditional note, the Sister's Boyfriend.

We did the Traditional Christmas family whatsits, though some of the traditions were kinda new - Carols by Candlelight in Byaduk, of all places - and ye olde family dinner, and seeing assorted grandparents.

And presents, of course.

I got a Dark Knight DVD from the Sister, a new (and larger) memory card for my phone from Dad, and a bunch of travelling type goodies from Mum. Plus, some Egyptian (and Jordanian) moneys.

Aside from Christmassy shenanigans, in my time away I also managed to see The Curious Tale of Benjamin Button at the cinema (Not bad, in a "this is blatant awards bait" way), complete the entire Codex Alera book series thus far, and get half-way into Cowboy Bebop.

Which I shall be marathoning tomorrow, so I should be able to give you your DVDs back at New Years, tinyteddyqueen.

In other news, according to an email I got, Threadless shirts are in postage as of the 23rd. 'Course Christmas and New Years will kill the postal system for a bit, but they're on their way.

And on an entirely different note, in one month I will be going to Egypt! *\o/*
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