Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

25 Hours, 4 Minutes and counting...

Whee! I can't believe it is getting so close! It's rather scary actually, and I think the anticpation may just kill me.

Oh, and I have added two more people to The List. So I now have 7 people on it - only one more is needed. So to all the Second Floor Types, who feels like turning up tomorrow?

Said people would be ephant and melbournian, and they also paid up right away. *pointed look at others* It's $12.50, as I recall...

Though I am slightly worried about what time I should go and show up at the cinema, though. was talking to this guy at dinner, and he recommended I show at about 9pm. Whereas the person on the phone said about 11.15.
*is worried*

All you others - keep to 11, but I am wondering if I should do the really geek thing and turn up way early, just so I get us some good seats. But then I would miss out on Chocolate Pizza...

Oh, what should I do? *wails*

The internet is screwed up at my college again. It is shitting me mightily - I have had to entirely re-write this entire entry. Why can't they FIX the bloody thing? *glares at computer techs*

Also, we have started studying Sylvia Plath in Lit. I am so happy - I adore the stuff she has written, and she's about the only thing, apart from Orwell, I had read before I started the course (I read Ariel, as well as The Belljar back when I was in my whole angsty 16 year old phase).
But I just love Daddy...and Lady Lazarus..."Dying is an art, like everything else. I do it exceedingly well."
*sighs with poetry!love*

Though I was rather amused to find that in my own notes, I had actually written this:
"Rescue her from victim, this reading does."
I sound like I am channeling Yoda!

Random Psych Quotes:
"I love my daughter too much to experiment on her."

Caption on a picture of John Howard that flashes across the screen:
"More surprising than my re-election!"

"Everything makes better sense with Homer Simpson."

"We know the truth. It is out there."

You know, the creepiest thing ever happened as I typed that in. The mysterious person next door, who is always watching DVDs started again, and turned their sound up. And they were playing...the X-Files theme. *shivers*

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