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I apologise in advance if anything begins to crawl out your computer screen

This post is basically entirely pointless. But I had some pictures I felt like sharing, and so they will be shared.

...See what I mean about pointless?

Courtesy of tinyteddyqueen from her New Year's Party, we have this rather spectacular photo in which I appear to have turned into that creepy chick from The Ring.

Only far better dressed, of course.


And courtesy of some dude name Alex (I think), a sketch of me done in anime style. This was from Manifest, which kinda demonstrates how long I've had these hanging around waiting to scan.


And another one from Manifest, which is me as a Chibi.


Yes, I am wearing the same hat in all of them. It's my Default Hat right now.

Also, much love to fa11ing_away for the scanning. And making my nifty new default icon.
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