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To peoples who were part of my Threadless t-shirt order

The T-Shirts have arrived! \o/

And the sizing seems right, so all is well, at least on my part.

Now, saikogrrl, frabjously and de_chel, we need to arrange times we can meet up, so I can hand over your shirts. I am generally pretty free most days right now, so let me know what time you are in the city or similar.

Incidentally, frabjously and de_chel, both of you owed me the same amount - $29.35AUS - but only one of you has paid so far, and whoever did, did so from an account that wasn't in their name, so I have no idea which of you it was.

Could you inform whose account that was that I did get paid from, and could the other of you two please pay me ASAP.


...And now I must rush off to watch Return of the Jedi. Shut up.
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