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And it's not even a GIP!

Oh, hey, new chapter of FMA is up.

And it manages to contain a ridiculous amount of awesome for a chapter that is basically just setting things up for the next lot of epic battles.

It was good awesome, though, I'll give it that. Very pacy, and the final cliffhanger bit is setting up for some seriously epic stuff next chapter. Hohenheim vs Father? OH HELL YES!

...And, naturally, I'm not going to be around when the next chapter comes out. Le sigh. I'd say this bites, but since I'm not going to be around because I'm going to be in freaking Egypt, it really doesn't.

Ah well. It'll be something to read when I get back.

Anyhow, aside from that I'm just wishing someone would translate just what the hell it says on the pages about the new Anime. I am desperately curious.
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