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It might be Global Warming. Or it might be PURE EVIL!

I suspect there's really something kinda wrong about the fact that one of the reasons I am looking forward to Teh Egypt Trip is because the weather there will be less ridiculously hot than it is right now.

Seriously. It was 37 degrees (Celsius) today, and tomorrow is supposed to be 39. I mean, what the shit is this?

Ack ack ack.

And yesterday was so nice, too.

Actually, yesterday was rather fun. saikogrrl came over to grab her t-shirts, so we had a bit of a chat. Then fa11ing_away and I went and had a fabulous Savers adventure and I managed to Win Shopping Forever by getting a perfect condition almost as new formal dress (which fit perfectly) for $25.

I mean, I have honestly no idea where I'm ever going to wear a black-and-silver ballgown type thing (with corset top and foofy skirt). But it is awesome, and mine, and most importantly $25!

And then after that we had dumplings and gelati and a drink and went and saw Slumdog Millionaire. Which was really quite nifty, even if it was unexpectedly horrifying in parts. And I called the final Millionaire Question right at the start of the movie.

But hey, gratuitous Bollywood dance scene at the end!

But see, yesterday was awesome. Today, on account of the ridiculously hot-ness was somewhat less so, with me doing... very little indeed. Except watch anime.

Speaking of which, I think I shall be getting back to that. Current series: Samurai Champloo.
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