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*lets icon do the talking*

You know, I think I'll keep up the "glorious crack" theme that I mentioned in my last post, and bring up my most recent bit of glorious crack (And yes, I know like the entire internet has seen it before me): Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

There. Are. No. Words.

Except possibly ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWAH! Which, incidentally, is going to be stuck in my head for the next two weeks, so I shall be going all out to spread this earworm.

But yeah, no words. Until my next anime review post. There'll be one sometime before Egypt.

And while on a vaguely anime related note, it is only now, after having seen all of Cowboy Bebop, that I understand the true horror of Keanu Reeve's plan to play Spike. I'm not even a Keanu hater, it's just he's so unimaginably wrong for the part.

And to prove I can talk about non-fannish type things, it is now less than two weeks until my trip to Egypt. Huzzah! And all that jazz.

We have daily schedules and stuff and everything. Though I am now at the stage of trying to work out just what the hell I need, so I can work out what to pack, and what I need to buy.

Which is... interesting. I can't recall ever having packed for a three week trip before.
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