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I can be organised! Sometimes...

And your valuable lesson for today is: Nothing in the universe is quite as good motivation to clean your room as being unable to find something you know is in said room.

And as well as cleaning (well, sort of) the damned room, my big pole of Stuff What I Bought To Read has finally all managed to be properly shelved. Meaning that the pile of stuff as depicted here is no longer on the floor, but looks rather more like this.

Ah well, at least I have nice neat bookshelves. And I managed to find what I was looking for (Sleeping pills for the plane trip).

Oh, and yesterday's less than exciting plans became, well, surprisingly exciting, when I managed to run into Corinna in the CBD towards the end of my Boring Necessities Shopping.

So we ended up having dinner (We went to the Thai place I like, because OM NOM NOM THAI FOODS), and then drinks. And then our fabulous Bar Adventure, which involved places as diverse as the kitschy Hawaiian theme'd cheap place, to the expensive but oh-so-classy Gin Palace. As well as randomly meeting a Chinese New Year Parade, complete with Dragon and drummers, spending far too long checking out bar guides and maps and Border's and free champagne. Because you can't say no to free champagne.

All Boring Necessities Shopping should end that way. Even if I still have things I need to buy.
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