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And so it begins again

So, Uni has started up again for another year. How delightful. (Note: I am uncertain of just how sarcastic that comment actually is)

If nothing else, it means at least I have Real Life things to post about that aren't actually ridiculously depressing. Yes, I will at some point get around to uploading my Egypt photos.

And so, my day contained the following:

- A Sociology lecture at 9 am, which prompted me to ponder the true sociological question of the age. Namely, why Sociology lectures are always at 9 am.

- The room for my Sociology tutorial being double booked, so having the tute sitting on South Lawn.

- A 2 hour lecture going for only half an hour.

And, during my time hanging out at FOUL,

- Allan attempting to steal my womanly charms. (...Don't ask)

Due to the wonders of Alloc8, I don't actually have any classes tomorrow. I do, however, have vitally important shopping to do. (Actually true. I need a dress for my cousin's wedding, which is this weekend)

So I think I'll be off to bed early tonight.
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