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They do actually have a linking theme: dog corpses! (It was a weird writing tute)

Novels tute today was rather interesting, despite being a late class and us not doing a real lot of work. Or perhaps because of those.

Anyway, it featured our tutor who is, I believe, Scottish and hilarous. And myself and the mysterious figure known only as Hat Man (Yes, really) having a competition as to who had more hats. Technically he won in the end, but he admitted most were costume hats as opposed to day-wear ones like mine.

And to swerve over onto an entirely different topic, anyone interested in coming to see Watchmen with me?

It's probably too short notice to find anyone for tomorrow, and I'm busy this weekend, but I'm totally up for seeing it next Tuesday when tickets are cheap.

So, anyone in?

I should get a Watchmen icon. Preferably comics-y for now.
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