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I'd talk about my cousin's wedding, but none of you know anyone involved

As people may have noticed, I now possess Watchmen icons. So huzzah for that.

And while I'm still on my Watchmen mentioning kick, despite whatever criticisms I may have had for the movie, there is no denying that the opening titles were a thing of brilliance. And now they are available online, so you don't have to resort to crappy handheld camera versions if you want to see them again.

Incidentally, there is already Watchmen movie wank. Bless you, mockable idiots.

Also, something that only really struck me during my icon hunt was the mildly strangeness of how going to Egypt has affected the way I watch/read the Ozymandias parts of Watchmen.

Mainly because I keep having stupidly random thoughts, like wondering if Gibbons based the chair in my icon on the one in the Egyptian museum. Or wondering how close movie!Karnak is to my photos of the actual one.

Or how exceptionally fitting the name "Ozymandias" is for Veidt, because aside from the subtext of the poem there's also the fact that the real Ozymandias, aka Rameses II, was apparently the publicity whore of the pharaohs, judging by the amount of monuments and statues I saw of him. (Which is why I am mildly confused by the poem, but I digress)

Any, onto other fannish stuff: since the new FMA anime is less than one month away now (!), there seems to have been quite a bit of news on it in the past few days. We've got a new cast (for the first few episodes, anyway), which has some major changes, so that's certain to cause wank. Plus there's the inexplicable new character no-one knows anything about.

There's a new trailer, with a new ending theme. Actually, there's been several new trailers, but this one only came out today.

Oh, and we seem to have confirmation that it's at least manga based, due to certain scans, even if it's not a 100% direct adaptation.

So yay for that.
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