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Okay, so I'm all bouncy happy right now

Well, thus far this weekend my social life has been rather impressively social, given that this is me we are talking about.

On Friday there was a surprisingly large amount of people around for a Dumpling Adventure, followed by slightly less people on an Alcohol Adventure. And then today was altheas and lena_supercat's engagement party.

Though naturally I ended up late for the damn party because my alarm didn't go off this morning. I swear I wasn't that drunk when I set it. Anyway, much randomness and fun and catching up with peoples I hadn't seen in a while was had.

Anyway, back to my current traditional fandom postsTM.

Watchmen fandom has yet another wank going on, this one I am completely bewildered by, not being part of the Dan/Rorschach circles it seems to deal in. I wonder if this is, like, karmic payback from Alan Moore or something.

And given we are very much closing in on the new FMA series (which is apparently being subtitles Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, if what I have heard is correct), much shiny new stuff is popping up for that.

First is the news that an Asian TV channel is going to be airing New FMA with English subtitles less than a week after the Japanese screening. Which is just plain nifty. And is making me ponder if I should wait and grab the official subs, or look out for less reliable fansubs.

Secondly - and probably more notable - Shiny new (and long) new trailer of FMA:B! It's far from perfect footage, and doesn't show nearly as much of some characters as I want, but there's so much about it that makes me flail widely. Characters and scenes from the manga! Father! The Truth! Ed's State Alchemy Exam! Epic Armstrong! Lulzy moments! I has so much new FMA squee right now!

...And in other fannish squee, I have just heard the newest episode of Glorious Crack that is Batman: Brave and the Bold features Sherlock Holmes as a guest star. Must investigate further...
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