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Check for a witty heading after I've had some sleep

Y'know, I am starting to think that Wednesday must be the day that Uni goes mental. Or at least my life goes mental, anyway.

For example, today:

- I was stalked by a guy with pink hair. Well, I kept running into him all over Uni. And he kept saying hi. (Actually, I think I met him a few weeks ago. Can't remember who he is, though. Sorry, Pink Hair Guy.)

- We spent an entire 2 hour Psych lab discussing whether or not free will exists.

- We watched Star Trek: Voyager in German. And English. And then Powerthirst ads and Saturday Morning Watchmen which all make me LOL madly.

- One of the hippy cafes at Uni has started selling epic amounts of Pocky. I have no idea why.

- I had an indepth conversation about if the Earthquakes in Melbourne are due to... whatever it is that is going on in Tonga. Or if the Gippsland is growing a mountain range.

- My tutor brought his dog to class again. It tried to eat my muffin wrapper.

- There is a religious bitch-fight going on on the back of the ladies toilet door in the Old Engineering Building.

Incidentally, I am somewhat sleep deprived on account of waking up at some ridiculous time and being unable to get back to sleep, so my perspective on such weirdness may be biased. I was also reading Don Quixote for class
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