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In the Psych Ward

And so I got my second Psych Prac report back today. I am quite happy, as I managed to improve on my last one, and get a H2B. (A reminder for those not familiar with Melbourne Uni's marking system: From highest down, it is H1, H2A, H2B, H3, Pass and Fail. H3 is the average mark.) So, yayness on that account. And I may possibly be getting my Maths assignment back tomorrow, so we shall see what goes on there.

Otherwise, my day was...variable.

Second Floor stuff was interesting - firstly, I spent a brief period of time at the Star Trek club (which I am apparentally a member of, despite having neither filled in a membership form or paid) Annual General Meeting, after which I took of for my Psych prac - or as it was officially listed on the AGM, I "went to take a phone call." You gotta love scamming the system.

Then, after said prac, I came back to the II (roleplaying club - who I went to the laser tag with) casino thing - yay for gambling with chocolate money. I, however, didn't gamble - I was just being a token floozy by the poker table.

However, a word of warning: If you leave for a short time, and tell people to watch your stuff, because "I'm going to the library, I'll be back soon," never assume they hear you. Everyone thought I'd forgotten them! My text books ended up at Anna's house, and I had to take notes for Psych on paper torn out of someones book. *shakes head*

And some fandomness: Check this site out - www.sithsense.com/flash.htm
Highly amusing stuff.

Oh, and try the Bonsai Generator. It takes sentences and mushes them together, and it ends up all crazy and random. I took the last for LJ entries, and some of the best results were:

- It is as Hat Girl. (Whoa. Metaphysical)
- Note to include this bit, it was too freaking short scenes in the Senate about Padme being sued. (Dear me. Whatever was she being sued about? The mind boggles)
- Is it a few seconds later - I'll just imagine the big stuff - even the film. Apparently, I have a really good imagination...
- The guy was shown to be better than Big Brother.(Sweetheart, that's not very hard)
- The audience started playing 500 in ANH got huge cheers for the cinema. I know 500 is popular, but this is ridiculous!
- I can say is: *waves hand* You Want to be fallible, and I really didn't want to kill Anakin. No, I truly don't. Didin't stop me, apparently.
- The one moment where I should also w00t for the arrest. Because criminal justice is fun!
- I am ephant: Sign up to the advertising. Sorry to inform you of this, ephant, but apparently I am you.
- In contrast, the Jedi got killed off so squishy! That happens when you are DEAD!
- Dooku getting paid to touch this. *thinks very wrong thoughts*
- Yoda was quite well done, in the end, especially after the marking.How would you like your Yoda? Rare, medium or well done?

Meh. Right now I am feeling quite ick. And I have a terrible stomache ache - I couldn't even bring myself to eat my chocolate coins! Yes, it is that serious.

Random Quotes:
melbournian: "Maybe we should have a protest against walls. Ban all walls at University."

Random Psych Quotes:
"It's extra empty in here...everyones at Star Wars!"

"If you forget to bring a pencil, and you can't find one, you have to do your exam in blood."

"It's like TV - it sort of corresponds with reality, except it's fake."
Amen, brother. Amen.

"It's called the two stage model because it has two stages. They are cleverly called Stage One and...wait for it...Stage Two!"

"I'll give you plenty of warning so you can compliment me appropriately."

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