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Sociology is not supposed to be this tedious

Oh God I hate this stupid essay. It's just so unimaginably boring to write. And here I am, trying to prioritize so I can have tomorrow evening free to flail over new FMA.

Oh well.

As for next weekend, I now has Easter plans! Mum is coming down to Melbourne for Easter. On Sunday night, we'll be going to go see Cirque de Soleil, and on Monday we'll be going to a footy match. Yes, I can see the inherent culture clash there.

The football isn't a Geelong game - Richmond versus someone. So naturally, I'll be going for whoever the team that isn't Richmond is. I do this just to mock your pain, Sister.

Things to do before next weekend (aside from fannishness): Get Mum and The Sister Easter eggs.

ETA: Spoilers for the first episode of New FMA! On one hand I'm flailing liek whoa. On the other hand, dammit, I've only done a quarter of this stupid essay so far.
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