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If I talk about fandom, will I make the curse go away?

So, apparently I am not the only one in the iPartment suffering from injuries this weekend. Apparently the HouseMatt got hit by a car when he was riding his bike on Friday. Fortunately, he got away with only bruises and grazes, but his bike was totally.

It makes me wonder if someone's gone and put a curse on the iPartment or something. Watch out, fa11ing_away, it could get you next!

Anyway, today I went to the football with Mum and The Sister. Which was entertaining - Richmond lost by a heap, so I got to mock The Sister's pain, which is always fun - and sort of puts an end to my organised Easter break stuff. I'll probably get all my homework done out of boredom, since I don't plan on doing anything that involves much walking until my toe is less ow.

In Internetland things, Amazonfail seems to be the big things, since half my flist seems to be posting about it. All I really have to say right now is: Amazon >:(. See if I buy anything from you any time soon.

And since my fannishness compelled it of me: new FMA episode review!

I've watched it twice so far, and it definitely worked much better the second time round, since I was no longer doing a compare-and-contrast between the episode and old!anime and manga versions (Actually, I've found this holds for most adaptations, you need to see them more than once to appreciate them as their own thing).

Incidentally, I remain terribly curious as to how an utter n00b to FMA is responding to the new series. Everyone in fandom is, well, in fandom and so they're all comparing it to the manga and/or the old series. I wonder how people without that background think.

Anyway, back to the episode: I agree with the fannish consensus that they tried to pack a little too much of the backstory in (two whole chapters, was it?), and as such things got flown through fast and a few moments weren't quite as full of impact as they could have been.

That said, the human transmutation scene, start to finish, was perfect.

And the fact that so much of it was manga-based was great. Yes, squealy fangirl just delighted to see manga canon on screen.

I also really liked the framing sequence, and how they tied the Isaac thing into manga!plot, by which I mean both prequel to Lior, and the gratuitous references to Xing and Rentanjutsu (and Xerxes in Ed's book. Must see how much of that page is readable. Incidentally, love that all the writing is not only English, but readable and relevant English)

As for the other flashbacks - as someone who's read the manga, there's a few small things I wish they hadn't cut, and a few things they had better show in later flashbacks (MOAR TRISHA! Izumi and training, burning the house); as someone watching the episode as it's own thing, the only really problematic one is how abrupt the loss of Trisha was.

But on the whole I really liked it, the music is lovely and it's pretty and I love a lot of the direction choices, pacing aside - the framing of the boys as they prepare for the transmutation, with their eyes hidden like villains... And Ed trying to get Al back killed me.

Incidentally, I love Al's wicked smirky face. Both as a kid and in the armor.

And boy, they're bringing in the Ed/Winry foreshadowing early. I know it's pretty darn obvious in the manga, but they were totally playing it up here. Not to mention paralleling Winry with Riza...

For what was basically a backstory-infodump episode, it was pretty well done.

And as I said in a comment to someone, it's an animated version of FMA manga plot, and it's decent. All they need to do is slow the pace a little and it'd be perfect.
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