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I honestly don't know *why* I felt compelled to photograph this

So, I has a Dreamwidth. I'm not entirely certain what I am going to do with it right now, since I am well set up here in LJland, and despite certain LJ fiascos am not desperate to move right away. That said, if I ever do feel the need to move, I have the account and the username.

Feel free to add me if you have a Dreamwidth too. Or explain what exciting wonderful things I can do with it.

And because I was bored, I took a photo of my poor injured toe and the fabulous colours it is turning. It's sort of fascinatingly disgusting.


Doesn't that just look grand?

And while I am on the topic of photos, my pictures from the Egypt trip have now be uploaded to my computer. Now all I need to do is put them on photobucket, and I can start doing holiday picspams. (Yes, I am aware how overdue this is. If you're nice, I might put a few random pretty ones up tomorrow)
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