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These toes were made for walking?

So, my copy of the new Dresden Files book finally showed up today. And by "showed up" I mean "I got a phone call from the store asking me to pick it up".

Which meant toddling into the city for a bit.

On the plus side, I can say that my toe feels much better now. It's still a marvellous shade of purple and all, and I'm still limping, but it's more the uncomfortably awkward sort of pain, as opposed to the crying at the agony sort. (And I think the bruised bit of the foot itself, on the ball of the foot actually hurts more than my toe, at least when I walk)

Oh well. I should be something resembling okay once Uni starts back up again.

And now I shall run off and read my book so I don't have to avoid spoilers any longer.

Sorry, no Egypt photos today.
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