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This Easter break went way, way too fast.

Thoughts on new FMA episode: Weakest of the three so far, but I've never been a huge fan of the Lior stuff in any of it's forms, so I am free to grin at bits I recognise from the manga, WTF at changed bits, and then shrug and get on with the next episode. Which looks to be the Nina episode. Well, I can guess how fandom is going to react to this... ;_;

There may or may not be more comments after I see the sub, depending on if my opinion varies beyond the normal "I like it more the second time/with subs."

In other news, I am going to eat dinner and then get back to my essay. Which this time is not so much "stupid" as just unfinished. And needing more references.

And since this post sounds too grumpy for it's own good, here, have some adorable robots. With bonus restoring your faith in humanity powers!
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