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My inner child is not feeling very inner right now

Okay, that's just plain not fair. Yesterday, I was bouncing around the house and questing down to the Seven-Eleven, and my toe felt fine. Well, not fine, but not really painful.

And yet today, when I have have to do important stuff - like go to Uni - it's hurting again. Stupid foot.

Oh well, I suppose the rest of the day had enough nifty to make up for it.

Said nifty included getting that damn assignment handed in, on time.

And FOUL, which was an experience of joy and crack today. There was messing around with junk and building random machine things!

It was just like being a five year old again, but with extra fire. And time spent trying to work out what the hell a "Zelaton" is.

I had to vanish off to class later on, but I apparently the final results are going to be YouTubed.

Incidentally, exploding rubber bands: Great idea or greatest idea?
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