Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Something You Will Never, Ever Hear Me Say Again...

...but, Yay for Maths! *shudders slightly at the fact she has actually said it*

To explain how this complete OOC-ness occurred to me, I have to go to my Maths tute today, in which I received assignments back. And not only was my mark for the most recent assignment a 31 out of 35 (w00t!), but I received a remarked version of the assignment that I had failed. And I actually passed it! By only one mark, admittedly, but that means I've passed everything so far in maths. Yay!

Although, I have to say I was amused by Rob in my Maths tute's explanation for my passing: "It's Tweed Hat Girl - we have to pass her!"

Only one day of class left - More yay!

Had my last Lit tute. Which was interesting, considering only three people turned up. We ended up spending the last 15 minutes talking about Harry Potter, which I found vaguely amusing - and people say HP isn't literature!

And we had our last ever Psych tute with Troy today. *sobs* I shall miss you, Troy, with your amusingness and Star Wars obsession. You made lectures fun!

So, the last lot of Random Psych Quotes:
"I want to be that smart when I grow up!"

"It's an ant-sicle, if you will."

"Quantum mechanics is really, really complicated, really, really fundamental, and I really, really don't understand it!"

About Freud:
"He looks kinda like your Grandfather, but you hope he isn't."

"I was running a Windows computer this morning, and I can tell you, it's not conscious."

"Your thermostat is conscious."
"I can only experience my consciousness, not that of my thermometer."

"I picked this [picture] out, because this is the one where he's scaring a small child."
"...And that's why we have ethics!"

"Nowadays, Little Albert would grow up, he'd go on Oprah, and he'd sue Watson back to the Stone Age!"

"And that brings us to Mr T..."

Also, while there is still time - Happy Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May. Let the lilacs never fade...

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