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Living up to to the Wednesday tradition of Weirdness

Well, today was terribly entertaining, anyway. Weird, entertaining, there isn't all that much difference. At least when you are as utterly exhausted as I am right now. Weird shit seems fun, and fun stuff seems ~weird~. S'all good, anyway, I enjoyed today.

And I shall hopefully be heading off to sleep not too late, since there's a meeting I want to go to at Uni tomorrow.

Anyways, today's Wednesday Weirdness.

- For the latter parts of Star Trek club, we got a lovely dose of the Tristan YouTube Variety Show. Which was as cracktastic as ever. Things watched included AMV Hell - so much funnier now I know most of the animes being used - and Banzai. Which was... Banzai.

- Oh, and we also watched some Firefly, which was less weird and more a reminder of how much I loved that show. Our Mrs Reynolds remains hilarious and awesome. Also, I shall apparently be going to see the new!Trek movie on Friday with peoples.

- I got told off for not having "hobbies" because I was on a computer in the Rowdy by someone wearing period medieval garb. Okay, so it was Allan, but still...

- Creative Writing was solid crack. First we had HatMan wearing a (fake) Firefighter's hat.
Then there was the discussion on Trainspotting with our (Scottish) tutor, which kept going off on random tangents.
Then there was the bit where our writing task was a monologue containing as much slang and cursing as possible, which were then read out to the class.
Then there was the bit where we somehow ended up having a discussion on how different kinds of Marijuana products are prepared.
Two hours of solid crack.

- Then I went and crashed a SCA event and drank their mead. Okay, not so much crashed as was invited by fa11ing_away.

And that was my day. My strange and rather amusing day.
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