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Also: Totally Not a GIP

Huh. So it's my birthday in three weeks. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, but hey I'll go with it.

Anyone got any suggestions as to just what I should do for said birthday? Any new movies coming out then?

Anyhoo, I'm in a rather cheery mood right now, on account of a meeting I went to at Uni today. Now normally, this'd be a bad, because it stops my glorious Thursdays of sleeping in.

However, it was a meeting about the Sociology Internship subject thing I wanted to do next semester. Well, a bunch of internship subjects, really. And said pleasedness comes from the fact that while there were a bunch of people there, and we were told that dozens of people tried to get the Parliamentary Internship or the Public Affairs one, there was hardly anyone there for the Sociology one.

Which means the Co-ordinator pretty much said all I need to do to get said Internship is pass my classes.

Which shouldn't be that hard.

So yeah, I am pleased. Huzzah for the thing I want to do being inexplicably unpopular!
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