Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

All Hail Me!

W00tage! Extreme randomness and fun was the order of the day, what with it being the last lot of classes for semester. So, very little actual work, but lots of fun.

On Second Floor, we had our second Annual General Meeting for the year (the first didn't have enough people to turn up to count). Which was as random as most Second Floor meetings, but with the bonus of electing committee members. And I got voted onto the General Committee!

Which is scary enough on it's own, but gets even better when it so happens that the speech I gave to the club on why I should be elected was, in it's entirety:
"I succumbed to peer pressure!"

Much fun.

Then, after that I went to the Maths Student Society Trivia thing. I was with a team of Second Floor-ers, and we named ourselves: 1010011010 (There is an explanation for that, so think about it). The questions were lots of fun, especially with our running joke that if we didn't know the answer, we'd come up with really strange ones. Or write "Henry Kissinger." I think the best random answers were the judge at a certain trial - Judge Dredd, AKA Henry Kissinger, and for when and where J.S.Bach was born: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

After that, our little group, with a few additions wandered up to Brunswick, where we had dinner (And I bought the coolest thing ever: Star Wars Roll-Ups! It's Star Wars, in a roll-up! What's not to love?). After that, we headed to the gelati places, where I spent a great deal of time trying to convince everyone that Lime is indeed the best flavour.

Oh, and in something more fandomy, I've been nominated for Employee of the Month at vold_e_mart. I shall have to do some grovelling, if I wish to win, as I'm up against some very tough competition...

Random Quotes:

Corinna - "Argh! My scarf is trying to kill people!"

ETA: I can't belive I forgot to metion this earlier, but our trivia team came 4th (out of 12). So, yay for us!

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