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This icon becomes actually relevent for once!

Firstly, a confession to make: Despite having been in the Uni's Star Trek club for, oh, four and a half years now, I am not actually a Star Trek fan. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike Trek - in fact, most of what I've seen I liked even if some of it was for the lulz more than anything else - but it's always been something I've only really had a casual interest in, as opposed to my active fannishness. I know the basics and the broad ideas, but not much of the little stuff.

Also I've been in both Star Wars and Doctor Who fandoms. Trek is the enemy like twice over.

...Which is basically just a really long way to say that I went and saw the new movie with a bunch of people from Star Trek club this evening, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun and funny and had some really nifty moments and I really liked the characters, and I was amused at the in-jokes (well, the ones I actually understood, anyhow.)

And now I want to read fic of it. Dear Lord. *facepalm*

Anyone up to chatting about it? I've sort of being skimming over people who mentioned it on my flist prior to watching.
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