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*sneaks in the back door hoping no-one's watching*

Despite all online impressions to the contrary, I am not, in fact, dead. My Internet just suffered from a mild case of being on Dial-Up, since the monthly quota got finished up. But such is life.

Also, end of semester is coming up. Ack, assignments. Psych is first due (end of next week), then I have a week and a half before Creative Writing and Sociology need to be done. And then exams. Oh joy and wonderment.

Otherwise, I have been up to catching up on my TV stuffs (Speaking of which, WTF was with the FMA:B fansubs this week? They were hours later than usual and I haven't seen the episode yet), and you know, normal Uni type things. And attempting to de-bork my sleeping pattern, which got odd on the weekend.

And I got all 8 on footy tipping on the weekend. Go me?

Mother Dearest is coming up to Melbourne next weekend to see me - early birthday visit type thing, you know? - and we are going to go see Billy Elliot. Though the tickets are apparently up the back. Oh well, I'll still be able to hear things.

Incidentally, on the subject of birthdays: Anyone up to anything on Friday May 29th? I was thinking I might have birthday/end of semester drinks or something, if anyone wants in. This goes for the Melbourne types, obviously.

To get back to something that will actually interest the rest of you: Fandom! Or to be more precise, Star Trek! Which is currently proving just how much of an epic old-school fandom it is by already having a Kink Meme, a Non-Kink Meme, a pile of rather good fic and multiple wanks (One's ship-wank, one's oldfen vs newfen) just for the new movie.

Also, lots of shiny, shiny icons. Though I am finding it surprisingly difficult to find a Spock icon I like. Got a bunch of nice Spock/Uhura ones, but Spock alone is being tricky
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