Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Happy Birthday To Me!

And I am now 19! *does crazy birthday dance*

Which means very little, apparently, but it's my birthday and I'm allowed to be strange.

My Mum came to pick me up for our little sojourn out to the airport this afternoon, and she brought with her PRESENTS! Yayness!

So, what I got was:
From The Sister: The new Weezer album. Which I am currently listening to - not bad at all.
From Dad: A gift voucher for Minotaur - am filled with squeeness and evil plans.
From Mum: A woolen scarf (yay!), a new hat (even more yay!), and a digital camera. (Most yay!)

Except the camera was bought at Duty Free at the airport, and as such I can't actually get it until Mum is back from the USA. Ah well, at least I have a camera now. Second Floorians: next semester, be prepared to be photographed extremely frequently.

Anyway, back to my time with Mum (and also my Nan, who is also heading over to America.) After they booked into the hotel at the airport, and checked out the poshness of said hotel, Mum and I went to check out the airport shops. Which was vaguely amusing, as I talked way too much and got a bit random. But we got my camera, and some Scotch to take over to my Uncle, and one of those people in stands talked my Mum into getting a new credit card. Which was amusing, but the guy was very nice.

Then, onto dinner at the hotel restaraunt. Rather posh, but nice. I had vegetarian curry and a chocolate tart (which made me think of a certain piece of music - this is your fault, aeque). Take that, college food!

I was planning to afterwards go see Star Wars again, but it took longer to get back into the city than I thought, and the only option was the 10.30 screening. Which would be fine, except it finished so late that I would miss the tram back to IH. And walking back = not going to happen.

So Star Wars tomorrow. Yay for that!

Oh, and I found out that not only is my Mum flying to America without me, she's also flying business class to America without me. *gives evil look of DOOM!*

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