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(Internet) Champagne for all!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, deedle dee deedle dum. Apparently being 23 feels much the same as being 22. Especially after champagne.

Anyhoo, to follow on from dinner and a show with Mum on the weekend, Dad was in Melbourne for the night, so I went and had dinner with him and The Sister tonight. So we went to Gurkha's and had Nepalese and champagne (which is admittedly not the most traditional combination), and then after that went to Brunetti's for coffee and cake. Which is somewhat more traditional.

Presentiness thus far consists of:
From Mum, a silver and pearl pendent thingy. (Which is somewhat less amusingly WTF than the purple velvet cloak that one time, but more likely to get everyday use).
From Dad, a gift voucher for Myers. Note to self: Find out when the mid-year sale is on, since I have numberous unused Myers gift vouchers.
And from The Sister, several blocks of chocolate, and a JB Hi-Fi gift voucher. Now I need to work out if there's any CDs/DVDs I really want right now.

And only a vaguely connected note, anyone up for drinks and/or dinner tomorrow evening? It's also the end of semester, so there's lots to drink to...
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