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The excitement and wonder that is my life

Well, that was a rather productive day. Rather long day, too, since I had a 9am exam and in order to get to Uni and have breakfast and have time for last minutes going over my notes, I got up at some ridiculous hour.

Anyway, things what I achieved include:

- Exam. Duh. I know I passed and think I did decently on the short answer questions. The essay was rather craptastic, though.
- Haircut. Though it's nothing particularly different.
- iPartment Inspection. Not that I was actually here at the time, but hey, the Landlord isn't kicking us out or anything! \o/ We were just told the carpet needs cleaning.
- Catching up on TV episodes. Which was mostly just this weekends FMA, which I really liked. Kinda strange, given I never cared much for this arc in either the manga or the old anime. Ooh, the good stuff's just about to start...

...I never actually said anything about the last chapter of the manga, did I? Well, I'll just say it continued the trend of being EPICALLY AWESOME. Oh Arakawa, she loves us so.

Yeah, anyway, I now have only one exam to go, and that's next week. Go me.
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