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In which I get jealous of other people's outfits

Well, last night was interesting. And rather fun, too.

Anyway, last night I met up with frabjously and co, and after dumplings for dinner, we went out to a steampunk night club. Or to be more precise, this steampunk event at the Chi Lounge. It was the first one the organisers of it had done, so turnout wasn't huge, but the lounge was nice, and the cocktails were great, and there were people with shiny, shiny outfits. Oh, how I wish I could, like, actually sew. Or afford the piles of money it'd cost for some of the fancy stuff.

Also, apparently we freaked out the non-steampunk people at the same joint, according to frabjously. And there was inexplicable playing of the Buffy theme song.

And that was my night out. Aside from that, my life has consisted of... very little since my last exam. Mostly bumming around the iPartment, and trying to work out just what notes to take into my other exam on Wednesday (It's open book).
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