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I'm full of hyper glee right now. Just, you know, on the inside.

Aaaand no more exams for me this semester. Huzzah! Which means I can relax now. Mostly.

Today's exam - one of my sociology subjects - went alright. I think. I say "think" because I Do Not Like exams that entirely based off essays. With short answer or multiple choice exams, if you screw up one answer, it only costs you a few marks. Screw up an essay, though, and you are basically fucked.

*sigh* I shall just hope the fact I was in seat 42 bodes well for me.

Anyway, apart from examness I have been doing... not much. Though I did end up going to see Star Trek (yes, again) on IMAX last night with Allan and co, since he apparently had a ticket free.

...You know, now I think of it, every single movie I have seen at IMAX has been with Allan and co. Kinda weird.

Anyways, some friendly advice for anyone who is still going to see it: Don't watch Star Trek the same day you read the post on ontd_startrek from the person who counted how many lensflares there were. You will spend the entire film going "There's one! And another one! And another one!" *facepalm* It's distracting. And I'm not even opposed to lensflare!

Forthcoming life events: Not much at all. Got an appointment at the Doctor's tomorrow (nothing important, I just need a jab), and next week I should be seeing Mother Dearest and my cousin from America, who's on holiday (sorry, vacation) here and I haven't seen since I was like 10.
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