Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom (drakyndra) wrote,
Drakyndra, Evil Master of Fandom

Beyond Birthdays

So, it is into Swotvac now. *groans* So not fun. Especially since I get far too easily distracted when it comes to study. It's truly cruel, that's what it is. *shakes head*

Anyhoo: My weekend.
After the birthday, I managed to go see aeque, albeit only briefly, on Sunday. In which I was given a Crunchie (from New Zealand, so special!), and lent a copy of The Golem's Eye (Second in the Bartimaeus trilogy) to read whenever I can manage it. Also had some exceedingly random conversations, and ran into a girl I knew from back at Monivae (the first of my Secondary Schools). So, a very random morning.

Also, I have managed to develop a hate for cauliflower. Almost choking to death on a piece at dinner will do that to you - and I can still feel the soreness in my throat from it.

Then, last night, I went and saw Star Wars again. I was right with what I said last time - the more I watch it, the more I like it. the dialogue was not quite as cringeworth, or maybe I was just too dazzled by the visuals to notice this time. I also noticed a few things I missed last time, which I shall put under a cut.

When Grievous is first introduced to Anakin, and makes fun of his age:
Anakin: "General Grievous. You're shorter than I expected."
Best. Quote. Ever.

However, Grievous is still Teh Bomb. He's like every single Bond Villian squashed into one brilliant package.

Though Evil!Anakin is also just cool beyond words. He's so *sigh*.

Ties to the OT:
Anakin: "I say the ability to fly this thing is insignificant in the circumstances..."
- Shades of ANH Vader there.

Anakin: "Don't make me destroy you!"
- And 20 odd years later he uses that charming line on his son. Feel the family love!

Next time I watch the OT, I am so expecting to bawl. I was almost crying at RotS this time, and it can only get worse...

I also heard rumours that in the Anakin/Obi-Wan fight scene, you can see Anakin mouth "Fuck You," to Obi-Wan. However, I was too distrcated by the fight to even look for it. Chalk that one up to Lucas, then.

Oh, and in news from another fandom, you know how I was nominated for Employee of the Month at vold_e_mart? Well, I won! Yay for me!

Yet again, I believe it may have been due to my astounding verbal skills, which can be noticed in my nomination speech Here.

Random Quote:
aeque (As Dead!Sirius in HBP): "You must go to my old Headmaster on Dagobah!"

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