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Because I know she reads my LJ...


Yeah, I'll probably ring you at some point tonight.

Yes, my Mum reads my LJ. Welcome to the weirdness that is my life.

On the subject of weirdness, does anyone know precisely why there were a bunch of people dressed as ancient Romans hanging out at the tram stop on the corner of Swanston and Collins last night? Because it certainly added an unexpected note or surrealism to my day.

In other news, semester results are out. I passed everything, so yay, but could have gotten better marks so... less yay. Oh well, I'll live.

Fannish-wise, I think I shall stick with the flailing over the epicness of FMA right now. SCANLATIONS HURRY UP! Because it's probably more fun than joining all the people flailing over the tragic rage of Torchwood. Or the LOL WOT TROLLING flailing from the Haruhi fans. Seriously, guys...
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