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Expect the Unexpected!

Huh. Somehow I managed to have a social life entirely by accident last night.

No, really.

I was cruising around the CBD yesterday afternoon, having finished all the stuff I actually needed to do (Namely: Go into Uni so they could change over my subjects for next semester, and then speak with Anime Shop Dude about my issues with the Death Note boxset - he says he'll look into it, and offered a replacement when he next has copies in). Also, I may have checked out the buy-one-get-one-free sale at Dizingof. And I, almost literally, ran into frabjously.

And somehow, despite having no idea it was going on, I headed out to Justine's for Pizza and socialisation. Which was rather fun, even if the conversation got exceedingly strange at points.

Also: Lol fails at pizza.

Shall be finally going to go see HBP tomorrow with some of my other friends - I say finally because most of my flist (or at least the HP section) seems to have seen it already.

So that's me being surprisingly sociable for once. Though I expect that'll pick up a bit once Uni starts again. Speaking of which, that is not all that far away. Oh, ack.
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