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And it's that time again!

There is something mildly terrifying about the fact that, as of today, I've been using this LJ for five years. I mean seriously, that's weird.

Huzzah and all for the glorious fifth birthday of my LJ, but it's rather strange to look back on (Though not quite as strange as reading some of my earliest posts. Oh God, me as an ickle kiddo still in school. It's embarrassing, really).

But weirdness aside, I shall do my normal ritual of celebration: Post LJ Statistics!

...Yeah, I know.

Since I started this LJ 5 years ago, I have:
- Friended 215 people
- Been friended by 225 people
- Joined 178 comms, and 14 RSS feeds
- Made 1178 posts
- Posted 19,041 comments
- Received 15,438 comments

And in just the past year (since I last did this), I have:
- Friended 19 people
- Been friended by 11 people
- Left 28 comms and 2 RSS feeds
- Made 180 posts
- Posted 1, 638 comments
- Received 1,226 comments

Which makes me even less busy than the year before - though admittedly the whole "trying to escape the Whoniverse" explains a lot of it. Or maybe I just need to post more.

And it's Uni times again in the week. And I still need to get my last subject sorted out.
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