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Is it time for an I ATEN'T DEAD post?

Oh look, here I am again. Not that I've actually gone anywhere. (Though I may be going somewhere later in the year. Maybe. More on that when it's definite.)

In fact, the last week seems notable for the complete absence of stuff happening. I had classes, now they are sorted out. Because of said scheduling, I couldn't get to clubs. And I my attempts to organise my internship thing are caught up in the relay of forwarding to the appropriate individuals. Sigh.

Apart from that, erm, I've been watching anime in my free time. Or when out Internet was inexplicably down for a few hours today. Oh, and in the future I have David Copperfield to look forward to next weekend with Mother Dearest.

Fandom-wise, I am hoping the subs for the new FMA:B episode is up quickly (ie. When I wake up tomorrow), so I can see that ASAP given the flailgasms from fandom over it. Though I can sort of understand why, given the content - and next week looks to be a goodun' as well.
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